Spring is on the way!

Get ready, I KNOW it’s on the way!  Spring, that is!

Oh my bees are so confused!

But thank goodness for hen bit, crown vetch, dandelions and all the beautiful flowering fruit trees! Right now the bees love the above mentioned but also the daffodils , crocus, tulips, etc. For summer you can plant Daisy’s, Marigolds, Bee-Balm, Cosmos, Snapdragons and Ecinacea.  If you see any Queen Anne’s lace anywhere, leave it, plant it, get some.  They love it! Plant Zinnias, Sedum, Asters, Goldenrod for their fall feeding!!! Also you might want to create a bee bath—- bees need a place to get clean,fresh water ... so fill a shallow container with fresh water and clean stones or twigs for them to land on while they take a drink.  Keep the water fresh so they will come back every day and enjoy watching them.
Send us some flowering plants that you know the bees love!

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