February and my bees

Oh my, its cold outside!!!  The girls are working extra hard to take care of their Queen, keeping her warm and fed and happy.  

On a warmer day, I will check my hives and make sure things inside are going well.  I always leave 40 pounds of honey for each of my hives, and that is equal to 10 frames.  but now, as  the winter wears on, I want to check to see how much they have left.   If they have less than 15 pounds, I will think about giving them a pollen supplement or MAYBE some sugar syrup.   

The Queen will start laying eggs as the days become milder and the population will start to increase.  I will also check the hives for pests, diseases, and to see if the Queen is laying.

By mid February, bees should be carrying in pollen from Maple Trees and other early bloomers. Dandelions, Hen Bit and more.  

Now, you all know how I love our furbabies, so here is a little tip.

Yes, pets have allergies, 'which manifest as severe itching, recurrent ear infections, yeast infections, that popcorn smell from their paws and more.  

You know how Miss Bee Haven puts honey in all her products?  Well, that's because honey kills bacteria and helps heal things. So, if your dog has a problem, give your love a couple of drops of honey every day.  You can give up to a half teaspoon, especially to the bigger ones.  Don't give honey to a puppy under 4 months old, because botulism spores found in honey can make them sick.  Same thing in babies....  no honey under a year old. 


You can order Miss Bee Haven honey right here on line.

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